The Secret To Living in A Small Space... + MY OWN LITTLE SECRET REVEALED!


One Bedroom Wonder | House of Valentina When it comes to keeping other people's secrets, I am an iron clad vault, but my own secrets are nearly impossible to muzzle... which is very good if you happen to be wondering what on earth we are doing right now and where we plan to live!  So here's the big news... we rented a little place.  It's small and it's an apartment, but it's in one of our favorite parts of Atlanta and in one of the best school districts, too.  It will be ready this weekend, so next week, if everything goes according to plan, I will have TONS to share with you! (YAY!)  We have a few things coming in a shipment and the rest has to be purchased, so it's gonna be a little sparse for a while!

In the meantime, though, let's chat about this little one bedroom in Sweden because it is packed with some GREAT ideas for small living.

Here are some secrets to living in a small space that I have noticed in this idea-packed apartment:

  1. USE TRANSFORMABLE FURNITURE:  Here, the table can be opened to serve guests when they visit, but the small profile is perfect for every day.

One Bedroom Wonder | House of Valentina2

2. RETHINK YOUR SPACE : Just because every design magazine has a bed with two side tables, doesn't mean that your room has to follow the rules.  Shelves above the bed and thoughtful lighting solutions make this sleeping nook practical and cozy.

One Bedroom Wonder | House of Valentina3

3. PUT A DRESSER IN THE CLOSET.  Sometimes your square footage will be in unexpected places, so utilize it where it is and make a new statement!

One Bedroom Wonder | House of Valentina4

4. UTILIZE AN ART WALL.  Small spaces need artwork, too, but if you hate to commit, use hangers and clips to give you interchangeable options.

One Bedroom Wonder | House of Valentina5

5. USE WINDOW SPACE.  Whether you luck out and get a large window sill, or you simply place a small table near them, windows are a highly covetable location to place your collectables.

One Bedroom Wonder | House of Valentina6

6. CREATE SEPARATE ROOMS.  Even in an open floor plan, spaces need a little definition.  Use a rug to create separate areas within one space.

One Bedroom Wonder | House of Valentina7

7. USE FURNITURE IN UNEXPECTED WAYS.  A Dresser makes the perfect tv stand in the living room when space is at a premium.  Linens, DVD's, blankets and even dishes can be stored in them.

One Bedroom Wonder | House of Valentina9

8. ALWAYS HANG MIRRORS.  It's an old decorator trick, but mirrors still reflect light and give the feeling of extended space.

One Bedroom Wonder | House of Valentina 10

9. ADD STORAGE WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT.  When your space is small, you may not get to store all of your things in your bedroom closet, but an entryway might be the perfect place to corral everything.

One Bedroom Wonder | House of Valentina 11

10. STAY ORGANIZED.  Smaller spaces are easier to manage if everything has a place, plus keeping "things" to a minimum will help the space from feeling like it's too small to hold all your stuff.

One Bedroom Wonder | House of Valentina8

What small space living solutions have you used to make a small space feel like big living?


Photos via Bo | STHLM