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We help you turn a house into home.

Homes are more than square footage and floor-plans, they are the spaces where we live our lives and make our memories. The prospect of finding and creating home can feel overwhelming. This is where we help. It's our passion.

Real Estate


Real Estate + Design


We have a passion for helping you find your way home.

Our passion is for people. We take shelter, one of the most basic human needs, to a whole different level. Home is the center of our lives. It's where we love, nurture, rest, and celebrate. When it comes to real estate, we value people over profit and home over houses.

Sunroom | House of Valentina.jpg

Your life story deserves a great backdrop.

Your walls and furnishings may be background players, but they matter! They are the very backdrop to your real life story! We design based on your unique style, your epic life story, and love to give a new twist to your collected pieces.


Renovating homes to custom fit your life story.

Your home should enhance your life story. We have a team ready to help with everything from purchase to renovation to design. Whether you're ready to rethink paint or it's time to reimagine everything, we have the team to work with you.