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Renovating Homes to Custom Fit Your Life Story.

Your life story is unique and we think your home should reflect that.  

Sometimes homes need a light refresher and sometimes they need to be completely restructured because the current layout doesn't match your family's lifestyle.

Whether you are buying a house that needs some work or you already live in a home that needs help, our team is ready to help you customize your home to fit your life story.

Here's how it works:

Ready to buy a house that needs some work?  Our team is here to help you make the most from your current home.  In our first consultation we will discuss your needs and wants, including what your current space lacks and what you hope the next one will be.  Then we can begin the search, shopping for just the right property and discussing how each one could be tailored to you!  

If you've already bought your house, we can dive straight in to the design process.

At the House of Valentina we treat every client as though they are our very own family.  We take pride in being genuine, authentic, hard working, detail oriented, and attentive.  

During the design process we will discuss all the different aspects necessary to get you to your completed home. 

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