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We have a passion for helping others find their way home.

No pressure, right?  Your home is just one of the biggest power players in your life, setting the stage for your life's story.  It is also likely to be your biggest investment.  We help you find your home and make top dollar!

Our team offers the highest level of excellence and concierge style service to help you get home with as little pain in the process.  Expect genuine care, authenticity, and a listening ear to help understand your specific needs and wants.  Using intuition and some serious question asking, we dig deep to help you figure out just the right house to make your home.

When listing homes we go a step further as well.  With paint chips in hand and a design team behind us, we will happily help get your home ready for the market so you can make top dollar.  (Our design advice is our gift to you when you list with us!)

Next, we style your home. Think of it as a day at the spa for your home rather than the typical stripping of the soul.  We photograph each home magazine style and earn more than 30% more views and saves on just Zillow alone!  All the styling and photography are part of our service to you.

Finally, we market your home to earn you top dollar.  Through our vast social media network, including our House of Valentina blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, we help spread the word about your home.  From the curb we set the stage with beautiful signs, and follow up in the home with custom high quality brochures all work together to earn you top dollar. 

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