You won't have to wear the same outfit for THREE AND A HALF WEEKS!! With these 15 FALL WARDROBE STAPLES.


Dress without Stress !

We’ve got you covered for the next 3.5 weeks!

I think you are going to love this. I thought of you as we chose each item and pulled this entire video together. You said you wanted tips to make your life easier and less stressful and we hope we’ve not only given you that, but some FUN added in too!

We took our 15 pieces and turned them into 24 different outfits just to show that you can do A LOT with very little and look and feel amazing! ‘Cause with kids running around, life, work, activities, and even Netflixing most of us don’t have time to spend hours getting dressed!

The first video is short and sweet and gets straight to the outfits so you can watch it quickly and come back to it to get outfit ideas for the next few weeks. The longer version is for when you have a few extra minutes (while you brush your teeth at night… while your cup of coffee brews… while you are hiding from your children for a little “me time”… err… did I just admit that out loud?") and in case you want to know more of WHY we chose certain items and some tips on styling.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think! We really love hearing from you! xx Valentina



FALL STAPLES 2018 | House of Valentina
Fall Wardrobe | House of Valentina

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White Shirt:

Stripe Tee:

Blue Dot Shirt:

Blue Blazer (size up!) :

Black Polo:

Grey Cardigan:

Slim Jean:

Black Pant:

Khaki Pant:

Brown Boot:

Black Sneaker:

Camo Sneaker:

Green Belt:

Black Watch:

Brown Leather Bracelet:


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White Blouse:

Stripe Blouse:

Black Camisole:

Black Blazer (size down):

Denim Button Down:

Green Army Jacket:

Jeans (size up!)

Paper Bag Pant:

Black Jeans:

Cheetah Heel:

Brown Boot:

Black Boot:



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