You Will Hate or Envy Her After Reading This... Maybe Both.

Roswell Townhome | House of Valentina-3.jpg

Love her or hate her?  It's a question you will battle with the moment I tell you... this homeowner has only lived here TWO WEEKS.  I know.  You don't believe me.  You are contemplating calling me a liar.  I hear ya.  But it's completely true.  

This tour has given me more questions than answers.  Like Why haven't I put more on my walls?  And why have I taken so long to settle into my house?  Why don't I CLEAN up more?  And then, of course, the most burning long does it take most people to settle into their new home?  

I used to have everything set up within days of moving in.  I blamed it on the frequency of our moves (23 in 17 years will make you hurry up or GIVE up!).  But our latest house has taken FOREVER.  18 months in and I'm still decorating and rearranging.  It probably didn't help that we sold off most of our possessions and had to start over... again.  

This Roswell townhome is extra special because my client, who has quickly become a dear friend, sold her townhouse (remember the place with 20 offers and 6 backup offers?) And now two weeks later she's already made this new home so amazing I can hardly believe it!  

It's also really fun to see how so many of the same things looks COMPLETELY different with a light backdrop and new bedding!

How long did it take for you to decorate your place?  Or are you still working on it?