These Are Easiest Christmas Cookies! Try them!


 Danish Pebernodder Christmas Cookies Most of us are not sitting around twiddling our thumbs this time of year. In fact, life is crazy busy and the guilt about what we haven't done sets in pretty early for some of us...  I should bake from scratch... I should make my own wrapping paper... I should make my own presents... I should have saved more so I don't have to make my own presents...

I find myself giving up before I even get started!  Just slap something in the cart and buy it.  Whack some ornaments on the tree, snap a nice photo, and move it people!  Move it!  We've got Christmas to get done!

Thankfully I've got a solution that everyone will love, no matter what your schedule looks like.  These are the easiest Christmas cookies you can make and still hold on to the idea of homemade cookies without the demand on your time.

You can throw all the ingredients into the bowl, let the mixer do the work, and then form your own logs.  After that, it's simply slice and bake just like the kind from the store... except these taste DIVINE and they are unusual so EVERYONE will be impressed!

I have always described these cookies as a blend of a biscotti and a graham cracker.  Pebernødder refers to this kind of cookie that is native to Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Expect bursts of cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves.  YUM!

I first posted these many moons ago on my Traveling Mama blog and I've had tons of people try them and love them, so now it's your turn now!  Try them and let us know what you think!  I have posted the PDF below so the recipe is super easy to pull up on a device or just click and print!

 Danish Pebernodder Christmas Cookies

Danish Pebernødder Cookies

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