Yay! and Nooooo!! The Vanity, the tub, & MAJOR CRISIS!!


Bathroom Remodel From a distance it all looks like its coming together perfectly.  The vanity is in.  The TUB is in!!!  Yay!!!  And everything fits!!  Double yay!!  I was extremely anxious about those two things fitting and have measured at least eight times.  You sweat these details when each piece costs over $2,000.  It's a HUGE investment.  Do I think it will pay off?  Absolutely... if it actually FITS!  Whew!  Crisis averted!

But then... MAJOR CRISIS!!

Waaahhh!  The vanity is IN... Literally.  IN.  THE. WALL.  Noooo!!  And of course all of the measurements for the pipes and lighting are based on this piece so everything has to be redone.

Then there is the tile on the shower.  It's vertical and looks like a throwback to the 70's which I would normally be in to, except somehow it makes me think of carpet in the bathroom and it's a little too funky weird for my "english countryside" theme.

And of course my husband is out of town, so who has to talk to the contractor?  Me.  Have I mentioned that I hate conflict?  I actually thought about leaving both just to avoid the awkward conversation with my contractor... but my husband was adamant about having it fixed.  Triple gulp... wish me luck! (And don't forget to check out the video below!)

Would you fix these issues or leave them?

GOOD NEWS: The tub is in and there is room for the vanity!! Bathroom Remodel

BAD NEWS:  The Vanity is IN the wall!!bathroom remodel

MORE BAD NEWS: The Tile leading in to the tub is laid the wrong direction!bathroom remodel