Would YOU paint your house PEACH?

Styling with Blue Hues | House of Valentina

I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to following fashion and interior trends and as I see the color of the year announcements being made, I find myself getting a bit skeptical. Living Coral? Is that even a usable color for most people other than Gloria Vanderbilt? I’m going to be sticking to my monochrome scheme, but I it looks like Benjamin Moore is a little more on board with that idea, so I think there is hope for us color shy folk! But maybe it’s just me? Any volunteers ready to try out Living Coral?

I think a great way to add those pops of color in the new millennium is through a rug, small accessories, and flowers.

Take a peek at this home which is only 355 square feet in Sweden. It packs a punch with stunning watery blues with tiny flecks of color here and there. I think this is more my style, but what about you?

Photos via Entrance Makleri