Would You Live in a French Patisserie? You wouldn’t Have to Die to go to Heaven!

Charleston Patisserie | House of Valentina

We couldn’t help ourselves. We had a long list of places to visit in Charleston and yet we went back to the Patisserie at Hotel Bennet three times because…well… if we are being truthful… we harbor a dream of living in a French Patisserie.

Charleston Patisserie | House of Valentina

We loved the modern mixed with the classics!

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I wanted to come home and redecorate our entire house to look and feel exactly like this cafe… which got me wondering… maybe there are others who would like to do the same. So I very surreptitiously turned my plate and fork over (obviously after I had devoured every pastry, baguette, and quiche put in front of my face) and grabbed the name of the silverware and the plates. That’s how good they felt in our hands… we ordered an entire service before we even came home. That’s quite the souvenir from our trip!

I also brought home the remains of my little pot of Marasque Sour Cherry Spread. I know. It’s like a whole new level from taking the little shampoos and body soaps from the hotel. But it was SO divine that I had to have more of that too. I ate it this morning on my grocery store variety of baguette and almost felt like I was in Paris. *wink* I swear that jam would be amazing served on cardboard! (no reference to my bread, of course!)

Charleston Patisserie | House of Valentina

We bought a French cook book so we could make pastries at home!

We also bought a French cookbook so we could make pastries at home! We are convinced that WE could live in a French Patisserie! Anyone want to join us? We thought creating the look and feel at home was probably a better route than moving in permanently… the kids were the voice of reason on that one.

We should definitely plan a House of Valentina meet up in Charleston (we are keeping the city in our prayers as the hurricane comes their way.) In the meantime, though, bringing a little bit of Paris (& Charleston!) into our home has made it feel so warm and cozy and we thought perhaps you might feel the same way!


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