Winter Inspiration :: A Christmas Palate Cleanser


White + Emerald Place Setting :: House of Valentina

Maybe you are like a kid at Christmas (I  know I am!) and you listen to Christmas music on the sly in July, but even the most spirited among us need a break every now and then from all the hype... or at least I do.  There are plenty of choices in most of our homes for escapes, like the basement storage closet, or the guest bathroom, but if you really want a retreat from all the holiday activity, the Master Bedroom is an ideal candidate.  Where better is there to cozy up during the winter months that our own bed with a few candles lit, a reading light, and a stack of books and magazines?  You'll find me there, hibernating, until at least March!

We talked yesterday about some of the questions you might want to consider before diving into your own Winterization process, so today we are going to chat about the digital Story Board.   By compiling your favorite images, whether on Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram, you can really get a sense for what you want from your space.  Here are some things to consider as you decide which images should stay in your Story Board:

  1. What colors appeal to me the most right now?
  2. What textures am I drawn to?
  3. What about this photo inspires me?  Is it the color? the atmosphere?  the style?

I am sharing my personal Winter Master Bedroom Story Board with you below and I will share along the way why I included these images!

Emerald Fur Coat :: House of Valentina

This Emerald Fur because I love the warmth, the texture, & color!  (similar here and here)

Winter Is...

White + Green Mood Board :: House of Valentina

This Mood Board because the colors, blend of styles, and understated elegance appeal to me.

Emerald Green Bedroom :: House of Valentina

This bedroom because of the Emerald Wall + Accents but NOT quite so much messiness

Linen Bedding :: House of Valentina

These Soft, Linen Sheets Feel Comfortable and inviting (despite being messy) + I love the window light (Similar Here)

Messy Bun :: House of Valentina

A need a little messiness + Coziness in my room (Just maybe not on my bed!) (Makes me want to buy this, and this sweater!)

Create a Vision :: House of Valentina

Exactly what I want to do!

Greek Key Stairs :: House of Valentina

Love the bold Greek Key Runner!

Emerald Wall Art :: House of Valentina

Green Accents + Pattern (This pattern is an Art Piece!)

Winter White Dining Room :: House of Valentina

I like the White Walls + Stark Black + Modern Furnishings

Black + Jeans :: House of Valentina

Classic Black Blazer + Comfy Ripped Jeans (Wouldn't mind adding this or this blazer, this top, & some more ripped jeans to my closet!)

Banana Pancakes

The kind of place where you want to eat breakfast in bed (more specifically, these banana pancakes!)

Eucalyptus Wreath :: House of Valentina

Gum Tree Wreath = Wintery but not Christmassy!

More White Walls + Modern Furnishing + Green Plants

Leaf DIY Pillow

Keep the Budget down with DIY projects!

All White + Lace :: House of Valentina

Feminine + Delicate Details with a twist (Love this, this and this lace top + this wrap skirt)


Sapphire Fur because I am obsessed with this color! (This Key Ring is on my wish list!)

Don't Be Afraid of Being Different :: House of Valentina

A great reminder when creating!

Fur Hat :: House of Valentina

Love this Fur Hat because it is elegant but cozy!

Winter white Tulips :: House of Valentina

Tulips, even in the winter!


Tailored details


Marble + Plants + Dark Accents

Natural Winter Wrapping :: House of Valentina

Winter Warmth without Christmas Or Santa

Attic Nook :: House of Valentina

Nook space because I need to respect the angles of my room

Casual + Classic Guy

Classic + Casual for my guy (I bet he'd love the sweatshirt, the jeans, the plaid shirt, & that watch!)

Marble + Greenery :: Hitta Hem

Marble + Greenery + Simplicity Draw me in

Classic Black + Grey :: House of Valentina

Classic Black + Bit of Glamor (Let's Add these and these heels, this clutch, & this Coat to the Closet while we are at it!)

Cozy + White Bedroom :: House of Valentina

White Walls + Approachability of the Room appeal to me Counting Sheep :: House of Valentina

Because counting sheep just got super cute!

I will be back tomorrow to show you the room put together!