How to Win A Design Duel



He's a born and bred country boy, she's a suburban girl turned lipstick wearing, high heel donning convert.  He wants rustic and industrial, she wants classic and elegant.  (Clearly I am not referring to my husband or myself.  Obviously.)  But what course of action do you take when a design duel breaks out at home?  (and more importantly... How Do You Win?)

Here are some options:

1. Forget discussing design choices.  Avoid the topic until the pressure finally builds and you accuse him of being born in a barn... (while secretly decorating a barn in your imagination while he tells you off.  Barns are SO in these days.  But NEVER admit that to his face!)

2. Argue in the middle of every store, boutique, and flea market over who should get to choose the sofa for the living room.  (Clearly she wins... unless, of course, he doesn't mind sleeping on the couch... which she chose anyways.)

3. Take the path of least resistance.  Let him have whatever he wants.  *This is clearly the most obvious course of action... if he likes sleeping on the sofa.

4. Let him hang his poster and then replace it while he's not watching. And when he asks, invent an elaborate story that includes a break in, wild masked bandits (who left behind alllll the other valuables except for his ugly poster), and a unicorn... because every story should include a unicorn.

5. Hide all of HIS stuff in his office and never invite guests to see his room.  (err... has anyone seen my husband's office lately?  Me either.)

6.  Leave magazines open to allll of your favorite rooms around the house which happen to be bookmarked with steamy love notes.  He'll take the hint... Or he'll end up on the couch... again.

7.  Give his stuff to a charity shop far from your home... you never know when he will walk by the window and see all of his things.  It gets expensive buying it all back.  (Not that I know from personal experience...  Clears throat suspiciously.)

8. Compromise and create a home like this one, though just in case, you might want to hide all of the sharp objects when the next design duel breaks out.






Modern + Masculine Office

Rustic + Modern Kitchen

Rustic + Modern Kitchen

Photos: Mad or Bolig

Here are Some Elegant + Industrial + Rustic Options that are sure to please you both!

Choose a statement rustic table and pair it with modern chairs.  Don't forget to invite all your friends over for dinner to celebrate!

Use weather wood in an elegant way, such as this gorgeous planter or purchase pieces that will wear naturally like these cutting boards.

Choose an Art Deco Cabinet to store any unsightly things behind doors, but display your favorites on the glass shelves.

 Use Danish clay pots (available in the US!) for a worn and rustic feel that is equally elegant.

 Choose Vintage Art that you both agree on!

Choose Modern Lighting that blends seamlessly with a beautiful Primitive Wooden Dough Bowl