Why You Might Want To Buy A Barn

 Why You Might Want To Buy A Barn

Remember when we were kids and one of the worst insults that could ever be thrown at you was, "What were you?  Born in a Barn?"  Nowadays, that would give you instant bragging rights!

With shows like "We Bought The Farm" and "Living Country" gaining popularity, more and more people want to live a rural dream.

It's definitely cooler than ever to live in a barn and if you converted it into a home and decorated it, you might even find yourself being featured in a magazine.  (Don't forget to check on the zoning laws before kicking the horses out, but if you happen to buy a barn these days you may just be the envy of all your friends.)

If there aren't any barns for sale in your area, or all of them happen to be in a school district other than the ones your children have become very attached to, you could also consider creating a modern farmhouse look in your own home.

 Why You Might Want To Buy A Barn

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Forget the glossy floors.  Farmhouse chic requires floors that have patina and ones that will wear well with time.
  2. Distressed Farm Tables look amazing in a dining room or a breakfast room.
  3. Linen chairs add elegance while antlers add a touch of whimsey.
  4. A great chandelier adds warmth and will look great set against dark bookshelves.
  5. Bring on the books.  Vintage editions preferred.


Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna/Interior Archive