Why the Chanel Runway Is Good News to You.

Pale, willowy girls walking down an aisle wearing tutus hardly seems relevant to the world most of us live in, but you might be surprised by why the Chanel Runway matters... even for us every day folk who spend most of our time trying to make ends meet, feed our kids and pets, get everyone to their activities, and somehow manage more than 3 hours of sleep a night before starting over again.

Their world seems like a million miles away, even a another world for some. 

But the Chanel runway has good news to share.  Sure, they deliver their message in an epic venue, filled with loads of pretty people, but the really interesting part is the extravagance of embellishments, material, and design.  The runway always reflects back the times in which we live and this level of grandiose is a certain signal that our tastemakers believe we are headed to good times.

Not sure you are buying in to this theory?  Take a peek back at the 2008 Runway.  It was very simple.  Very simple.  

So will we see more extravagance in our every girl shops soon?  I think so.  In fact, if you look below you will see a few examples of companies who have already jumped on board.  Will you be joining them?  I know I'm dying for one of those sequined bags to put with jeans and a t shirt!  (Don't forget to click on each photo to shop!)

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