Why I Created An ART WALL in the Middle of the Night

DIY ART WALL | House of Valentina-2.jpg

Normal human beings begin their decorating between the hours of 9am and 9pm. I, however, prefer the buzz of SILENCE. That, of course, only happens in the wee hours of the night especially during summer break when all my children have become nocturnal beings roaming about with their beady little eyes in the dark until I finally demand that they go to bed. (Bwahahaha! Being a grown up has to have its advantages every now and then!)

DIY ART WALL | House of Valentina-4.jpg

So, that is how and why I ended up creating my Art Wall in the middle of the night. It was simply necessary for my creative juices to flow… and my sanity. Somehow accomplishing something, even something as insignificant as banging a couple nails into the wall after hours, feels HUGE when you’ve got a wild gang of kids running around all day, constantly begging to go to the pool or Target… again.

DIY ART WALL | House of Valentina-3.jpg

The best part is that I had all this artwork stashed around the house so it cost me nada to make this gorgeous wall that took my breath away when I walked out of my bedroom this morning. Now my only question is… should I keep going… right up to the ceiling?

I guess we will have to wait for another rare night when I’m not drooling on myself and passed out cold before the stroke of midnight to find out.