Whoa. Joanna Gaines Magnolia Pier 1 Collection


Oh, yeah.  You read that right.  Joanna Gaines Magnolia Pier 1 Collection.  It's really happening.  Our favorite Fixer Upper has now made her products readily available to more adoring fans.  I mean, not that any of us Wacophiles wouldn't love to visit THE Magnolia shop.  But sometimes life gets in the way.  And sometimes it's just not practical to schlep half way across the country or further to get our fix (no fixer upper pun intended.)

Now, of course, my mom is laughing her head off.  Why, you ask?  Oooh, just this little thing about me swearing there was nothing worth buying at Pier 1.

I know, I know.  Just start shaking your heads at me.

What a snob.

It's not that I'm trying to be anti-discount shopping.  I love me some H&M Home, but I don't like to recommend junk to my clients.  Because it kind of reflects badly on my referral when something falls apart 6 months later.  But I'm happy to report, that upon inspection, that Pier 1 has stepped it up lately and has my seal of approval... well, not on everything.  (shudder.)

Complete the Room:: (with this awesomeness!)

1. Chevron Pillow 2. Gray and Slate Pillow 3.  Fringe Rug  4. Battleship Gray for the walls!  5.    Bronzed Arc Lamp  6.  Biblioteca Wall Bookshelves  7.    Tufted Leather Chair  8.  Flax Beige Sofa  (if you are worried about kids or messes, try this one!)  9.  Mercury Glass Jars  10.  Capiz Round Side Table  11.  Magnolia Pillow  12.  Bronze Coffee Table