White Walls Aren't Just for Ice Queens

White Walls It's really not fair.  Film makers have despairingly used white walls as the backdrop for ice queens for so long that few people can look at them without thinking, "Cold-you-know-what."  But you know what?  Don't be duped.  White walls aren't just for Ice Queens.  They are for very nice people, too.

So how do you use white on your walls without feeling like you live in an igloo?

Here are a few of my favorite tips to warm up those white walls and get a cozy, bright, and inviting space...

1. Add linen.

Linen bedding, linen pillows, even a linen tablecloth.  Soft textures make everything more cozy.

White Walls

2. Add pattern.

White damask wallpaper, Ruffled Bedding, and  even patterned towels add layers of interest.

White Walls

4. Buy a plant.  

Even non-plant ladies will love the life that a plant infuses into a space. Choose a pot with great texture!

White Walls

3. Add blankets.

Call it silly, but a cozy blanket actually adds immediate cuddle factor both practically and visually.

White Walls for non-Ice Queens

4. Use Wood.

Wood floors, a stack of birch by the fireplace, or a wood coffee table brings earthiness.

 White Walls for non-Ice Queens

5. Add nature.

Dried flowers, pots of basil, and even a vase of twigs bring depth and raw beauty to a space.

White Walls for non-Ice Queens

6. Go for Cement.

Whether it's with a table, a wall accent, or a tea light candle holder, cement is gives tactile warmth.

White Walls for non-Ice Queens

7. Embrace Amber.

Shades of amber play off white, whether it's a bottle of oil, a bathroom accessory, or a scented candle.

White Walls

8. Bring in shades of dusty pink and grey.

Little flecks of pink and grey give liveliness without over powering white walls.

White Walls

9. Throw in lots of cute stuffed animals (or more pillows!)

A child's room is the perfect place to use white.  Lots of soft, huggable animals are in order, but more linen pillows help, too! White Walls for non-Ice Queens

All photos via Stadshem. (This home is currently for sale in Sweden!)