Where to Stay in Nantucket

Where to Stay in Nantucket After raising our kids abroad for their entire lives, few things thrilled us more than the idea of traveling with them in the US (obviously Grandparents, 500 flavors of icee at the local QT, and the enormous variety of oreos at the grocery store carry the same thrill.)

We have a very long list of places we must see and Nantucket is high on that list.  But when we've tried to research where to stay in Nantucket nothing really rang true for us.  I mean, honestly, is it so wrong to want to stay somewhere that feels a little bit like kindred spirits have created it?

With Nantucket’s old town protected from teardowns by its historic designation and little land available for new builds, the 18-room Greydon House became the largest building project undertaken in Nantucket’s historic district in the past 75 years.

But then I stumbled upon Greydon House. I wanted to book a stay immediately!  Who wouldn't love staying in a former sea captain’s house right off the wharf in town?

Not only does it have a collected feel, as though it has come together after years and years of collecting, it is also quintessentially Nantucket in feel... without a cheesy, overly themed feel.  I am SO enamored with this place... just in case you couldn't tell!

These sea captains would go all over the world and bring back things to put in their homes. We wanted to bring our guests into that world. -Alexander Leventhal, Greydon House co-owner

Take a peek around and tell me if you aren't equally thrilled to the core by this lovely place!  Find the full article and more photos on One King's Lane.

I'm not sure that Nantucket is going to make our summer bucket list, but this shopping guide sure makes me want to bring a little bit of Nantucket to Alpharetta!

This kind of reminds me of The Well Traveled Bedroom.  I'm noticing a theme!