What If Europe Could Come to You?

Tine K Home

Would you Live Here?

I know it's been a little while since I've been here on the blog, but hopefully you have been visiting with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  My absence has definitely not been in vain.  It's a very busy season in real estate, but that has not kept me from dreaming, believing, and working feverishly towards another of my goals... to open a shop.  For over two years I have dreamt of bringing Europe home to the US and up until now I have been quietly plotting, saving, researching, and asking a bazillion questions... The basic answer I keep hearing is that retail is dead.  Gulp.

But I really don't think that's completely true.  Old school retail that doesn't adapt (RIP Toy r' Us) or create a customer experience (I'm still mad about the way a manager chewed out a customer the other day at West Elm and the fact that my complaint went completely unanswered.)  

With the internet whizzing information at us at lighting speed the only chance a retail location has in surviving is creating an experience... something worth driving to and getting out of the car for.  At least that's my perspective.

So, the dream, however naive that it is, is still wide eyed and fully awake.  And gaining clarity and detail with each week that passes.  I just need a million bucks to get it all started... lottery?

Until I can figure it all out, we will all have to satisfy ourselves with the dream of these beautiful European interiors and all their products being made available on American soil.

This is just a teensy tiny selection of one of my favorite Danish companies named Tine K Home.  I actually did a video a long while back where I visited a florist/boutique which happens to be owned by Tine K's mom.  Clearly magic runs in their blood!

Would you love to shop all my favorite European brands if I could get them to you?