Welcoming 2017 with a Kitchen Makeover!


kitchen Makeover :: House of ValentinaHappy New Year!  It's hard to believe that we are well on our way into 2017!  These last few days have been a bit of a blur for us as we continue to plot, paint, and then paint some more.  We are moving from one room to another, spurred by the one room that is actually finished in the house.  I hope we won't bore you to death with all of the "in between" videos, but this is a real life home makeover.  So many of the shows we watch on tv these days make us feel like we have to flip our house in 20 minutes or less, but when you take on a project, it's ok to let it progress with time. For our kitchen, we decided to keep the cabinets white (for now.)  To accent those cabinets, I first chose a grey that was so blue that it looked like a bad 70's tux.  Thankfully, I discovered a much more mellow and warm shade of grey that feels like an earthy mushroom.  White cabinets can be kind of harsh but by warming up the walls, spray painting the existing hardware matte black, and accenting with worn busts and old books, the kitchen can feel lived in... Rather than the tired, "please put me out of my misery" state that it was in just a few weeks ago when we bought the house.

I've got a little in action video, complete with more messy hair and my "paint clothes."  We look forward to sharing a more complete tour very soon!

My current fave kitchen essentials include: white cabinets, aesop hand wash, Vintage Silver Trays, Vintage Books, Busts, Earth Fired Pots with Herbs, Matte Black Kitchenmaid, and Black Bin Pulls

PS. I'm painting with Benjamin Moore's Platinum Gray