Week | End Vibes and Opening a Shop?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the store I have been dreaming of opening for years and I’ve actually been working pretty hard behind the scenes to make it happen. The biggest question is this- “what will I fill it with?” And then, of course, “will people love it?”

We are super passionate about creating unique homes that represent the personalities and souls of the occupants. We like to think of home as the backdrop to your life story!

I show you a lot of my favorite Scandinavian homes, but this one has a very avant-garde French vibe that we really get into as well. Its got COLOR which is what a LOT of you ask for. You’ll have to tel me if you love it, like it, or loathe it! Would you like to see more French/Parisian homes? This one is actually in New York, but I swear it could be in Paris!

Would you love to shop a House of Valentina shop? What do you hope would be in our shop?


Valentina FussellComment