We Have a Master Bathroom Shower... Almost!


Shower Installation!The shower is just about in!  Woohoo!  It feels like we are moving at a snail's pace, but better that it be done right than done in haste.  (Though a little more haste wouldn't hurt if you ask me!)  Either way, we are getting there and we have a master bathroom shower... almost!  My favorite detail is definitely the beautiful zigzag/chevron shelf.  We've got a sneak peek of all the faucets in the video so you can see where things are going!

I'm so ready to get that vanity out of the bedroom, along with all the boxes of STUFF.  Right now I'm practicing patience amidst the messiness and being uprooted from our bathroom.  Going upstairs and trying to get ready in a cramped bathroom brings back old memories!  Ah, the good old days when I actually had a European bathroom... rather than trying to make my American one look like it belongs in Europe!  LOL!

What do you guys think?  Do you like the shower tile?  Rather than going with a modern white subway tile, which was my husband's main choice, we went with a cracked taupe tile.  It is reminiscent of the subway in shape for him, but has a vintage feeling that I think will be beautiful with the faucets and tub!