We Chose To Become An Apparition


 ride in the clouds | House of Valentina

It's 10 o'clock at night and the kids have finally drifted off to sleep on their makeshift beds on the floor.  I won't deny it.  I'm emotional... which comes as a great relief after weeks of feeling numb.

It doesn't feel real that tomorrow we will leave Copenhagen and start a new life.  "Didn't we just get here?", we have wondered often these last few days.  Surely it must have been a mere six months that we were here rather than nearly six years.  How fleeting life is!

And even as I sit here and avoid the sleep that will lead me into tomorrow, I know that the time has come to say our final farewell.

We will never take for granted the kindness, love, and friendship that was poured out so freely upon us here.  We never imagined that such beauty could exist in the world and we have found it in such great abundance, not only in the flowers and the trees, but in the loveliest of people as well.  How lucky are we to have found such a little slice of paradise in this world and to have lived in such unprecedented bliss.

 ride in the clouds | House of Valentina

But now we must become an apparition in this world, a cloud which has been pressed from every direction.  We stretch our arms wide and ride upon the winds of change that blow all around us.  We will never forget the happiness which we have found here and clutch tighter to it even more than what little we now possess.

And so today we float, we fly, and we are, at once, free...