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You become what you listen to.
— VF

We told our youngest the other day that he was going to be nine soon and rather than cheers, we were surprised when he started crying.  Huh?  Bad mom moment 8,993?  

His response to the questioning looks, "That's the age when I start to lose my imagination."

Whoa.  Who told him that?!  I started to lift my finger at our 12 year old but he quickly denied it.  

Landon sniffled and assured us that it was all his idea.

I kneeled down, held his face in my hands and looked him straight in the eye, "Darling, you never have to lose your imagination.  Only you can let it go.  The world needs people with imagination to solve its problems.  It needs big people to think like little ones.  And it needs little ones to hold tightly to to the belief in something they cannot see.  I'm 37 years old and I imagine every single day."

I thought it was pretty moving.  Ha!  Take that mom guilt!  But he just shrugged and rode off on his scooter.

I haven't stopped thinking about it, though.  I realized I hadn't been using my imagination nearly so much these days.  I was trapped in adulting.    

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You become what you listen to.


You are who you tell yourself you are.
— VF

You are who you tell yourself you are and you become what you listen to.  That's why when Sudio Sweden sent me these super awesome headphones, I immediately grabbed my favorite playlist "Freedom."  Because sometimes I just forget that I'm free.  The wind in my hair dies down and the world goes grey.  

Then I listen to something really great and I remember to remember all the good stuff.  The rainbows, the sunshine, and even the unicorns.

When times are the toughest it's our imagination that will keep our eyes on the horizon, looking on with hope and expectations of a better tomorrow.

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"I sing for love, I sing for me! I shout it out like a bird set free"

(The wise words of Sia)

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A big thank you to my daughter, Hailey, for helping me grab these great shots, and for not judging me when I was singing at the top of my lungs... because they are legitimately noise cancelling!  

Sudio Sweden is ready to help you rock out to your favorite play list!  Use code VALENTINA for 15% off! @sudiosweden

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