We Actually Built this Fireplace for Stockings!


“We actually built this fireplace for stockings!”

Now that is a kindred spirit if I ever saw one! I was watching Jessica Alba’s home tour on Architectural Digest recently and the tenderness of her tour and her focus on her family is so endearing. The fact that she’s a heard working entrepreneur Mama with a passion for her family just sweetens it all the more. I also love that she doesn’t feel like she has to sacrifice style with kids in the house. Her key advice? Slipcover EVERYTHING. Even the kids. Just kidding. She didn’t say that!

While I’m sure we would all have a $10 million dollar budget (plus $$ for furnishing the place!), Jessica’s home is packed with great ideas that we can use on a smaller budget. And let’s get real… pick this house up and plop it down in our market here in Atlanta and you can drop a solid zero off that LA price tag.

Oh! And if you watch the video tour you will see her family photo wall that isn’t included in the photos and that is exactly what I’ve been thinking of doing on the wall at the top of our stairs. That is totally going to be my next Weekend project!

Indeed, Alba is especially proud of the laundry-room flooring, which she found herself at a home-improvement store. “Someone quoted us a $70,000 option, and I thought, There’s got to be something better than that!” she explains. “So I put a hold on the vintage Italian limestone and went and talked to my new friend at Lowe’s.”