Watercolor Ombre Wallpaper :: Cozy Winter Home


Watercolor Wallpaper :: House of Valentina

I fell in love the moment I set eyes on the beautiful watercolor ombre wallpaper in this bedroom.  The home is located in Gothenburg, Sweden and happens to be for sale for  2.1 million Swedish Kroner (a mere 250,000 USD) which is practically a steal for Scandinavia.  It's a petite property at only 60 square meters (645 square feet) but since most of us probably are not intending on moving to Sweden anytime soon, let's chat more about the design of this beautiful flat, which I believe is further evidence that great things come in small packages.  (And that is certainly not in reference to my own petite stature!)

I NEED , WILL SURELY DIE WITHOUT, seriously WANT that gorgeous watercolor wallpaper.  I've searched and searched and finally found Sandberg, the Swedish company that offers it (though this collection is pretty amazing), but once I stopped obsessing over the wallpaper I had to admit to myself that this wallpaper wouldn't be nearly as amazing if the room had been styled differently.  The homeowner added in those gorgeous linen bed covers, small pops of blush, and a simple but modern bedside table that brought the look home.  Let's see what else she did (because the dressing room in this home is about as amazing as the bedroom!)...

Watercolor Ombre Wallpaper :: House of Valentina

Watercolor Ombre Wallpaper :: House of Valentina

Cozy Winter Home :: House of Valentina

Cozy Winter Home :: House of Valentina

By keeping the design simple in this home, the homeowner has created a warm and cozy retreat that is inviting and uncluttered.  The bold wallpaper in the bedroom is balanced with a simple white wall leading into it.  By adding wintery plants, both green and twiggy varieties, the home feels ready for winter, but definitely not cold.

Winter Foliage :: House of Valentina

Cozy Scandinavian Living Room :: House of Valentina

Since all of the spaces are connected, keeping a similar color scheme throughout helps the home feel cohesive.  If you have an open plan living room/dining combination, you could apply this same principle to your home as well!  Much like the bedroom, there are modern tables, soft linen pillows, a chunky throw, and natural elements that give an overall feeling of warmth while not taking away from the modern atmosphere.

Swedish winter Living Room :: House of ValentinaWindowsill Greenery :: House of Valentina

Window Seat :: House of Valentina  Winter Scandinavian Home :: House of Valentina Winter Scandinavian Corner :: House of Valentina

Every inch of the space is utilized and even a small corner becomes a cozy place to snuggle and read a book when a great wicker chair, blanket, and greenery are added.

White Swedish Kitchen :: House of Valentina

The kitchen cupboards are modern, as well as the table and chairs but these are balanced with the addition of warm elements, such as the wood cutting boards, small pottery, and of course, more greenery.  (I think Swedes use more green in their homes than most countries to combat the long, dark winters!)

White Swedish Kitchen :: House of Valentina

Scandinavian Dressing Room :: House of Valentina

And then we arrive to the beautiful dressing room, which is perfectly feminine and yet modern and sophisticated at the same time.  If this were my space, I would probably fill it up with bottles of perfume and put a mirror over the table, but the modern furniture, fur, and geometric wallpaper all make this space super special.

What about you?  Did you see anything in particular that appealed to you?  Is this the kind of home you would love to live in?  If it is, then perhaps your style is Swedish + Modern + Feminine!


All photos: Stadshem