Want a Behind the Scenes Peek?

House of Valentina :: Vegan Oatmeal Life has been coming at us pretty quickly the last year or so.  It seems like just yesterday we were packing up our house in Copenhagen and selling off all our things.  There have been a LOT of really sad days.  So many, actually, that I haven't dared to mention it because I fear the flood gates.

But mostly, life has been really good to us.  Jack loves his job with Matchstic, one of (ok, THE) top branding firm in Atlanta.  The kids are super happy in their schools.  And my real estate and design business is up and running.

I've been very busy helping others find their way home and I LOVE it.  Whether it's designing a space, or helping buy or sell a home, it's pure magic for me.  I just feel bad sometimes because I'm not quite as good about updating you guys about our own little slice of paradise.  I promise to do better and if you ever want a quick behind the scenes update, I update my instagram daily.  I've even started an instgram account for our new city, Alpharetta, and our new neighborhood, Windward!

Here's a little peek... I rearranged the sunroom... I know!  Rearranging already!  That didn't take long!

House of Valentina

I think I like it, so that means I will need to find a table... and a few more plants!

House of Valentina

We found Jack this incredible mid century modern piece made of solid mahogany at Goodwill.  Score!

House of Valentina :: Mid Century Modern

I've been house shopping with the sweetest couple who loves vintage details like this built in cabinet!

House of Valentina :: Vintage Built in China Cabinet

Hailey celebrated her Sweet 16.  Where did the time go?

House of Valentina :: Sweet Sixteen

Getting back to work wasn't tough when my office space makes me sooo happy!

House of Valentina :: Dark Office

Though our days celebrating in Disney were SO special!

House of Valentina :: Disney World Castle

You CAN paint marble!  (And the fireplace!)

House of Valentina :: Paint Marble

I'll be here this coming Sunday if anyone wants to stop by:

4221 Fairgreen Terrace | House of Valentina-43

Check out more on Instagram and I promise to be better at giving updates!