Vipp :: Sleek European Design Has Jumped The Pond


Sleek European Black Kitchen :: Vipp :: House of Valentina I am ecstatic to announce that one of my very favorite Danish Design companies, Vipp, has made the leap across the pond and landed in NYC.  After working tirelessly for months to create a Vipp Flagship Design Showroom in NYC, guests can now experience Vipp's Sleek European Design in the US in a super hip converted sausage factory.

After not only winning many European design awards, Vipp has captivated the European market with its sleek design that is sexy and modern yet timeless and versatile.  While the pedal bin is where Vipp first began and is definitely an absolute classic Danish design, Vipp has continued to raise the bar and challenge all design boundaries with its full collection by moving into kitchen and bathroom design, textiles, furniture and lighting, ceramics, and accessories.  My personal favorite, though, is the Vipp Shelter where guests can be immersed into a full Vipp design experience but I also cannot wait to visit the showroom in the US.  What an incredible way for a design company to allow its clients to embody the fullness of its brand!

Modern Black Vipp kitchen in NYC :: House of Valentina

Vipp :: House of Valentina

Vipp Daybed :: House of Valentina

Vipp Daybed :: House of Valentina

Vipp Kitchen :: House of Valentina

Escape Here :: Vipp Shelter :: House of Valentina

Quiet Getaway with Vipp :: House of Valentina


All photos:: Vipp