By George, I think We've Got It. The Vintage Bathroom...


Vintage Modern Bathroom : House of Valentina Just when I started to think we would never be able to decide what to do to the master bathroom, we finally did it.  We simply could not agree on what we wanted.  He wanted light walls.  I wanted dark.  He wanted white subway tile.  I wanted taupe.  We would find a floor we liked but not a shower tile.  Together we had become our own worst client ever.  I told him that if he didn't hurry up and pick I was going to quadruple my rate and stop answering his texts.  He sent nice flowers.

Smart man.  Who would have thought trying to create a master bathroom would be so challenging?  I sent him this final brief this morning.  He wanted to know if we could have a nickel faucet instead.  Done.

So, I think this may actually be the final, final, forever and ever vintage bathroom that we both agree on.

Here's a sneak peek of my cart at Floor and Decor:


This is a brushed marble tile.  (It feels like limestone.)  If we aren't going to do a black and white pattern (probably for the best since the space is so big and the shape of the room so irregular) then I wanted something that felt like it was literally plunked from the English countryside.  This stuff is warm, textured, and so chalky you might be tempted to take a bite out of it.  Except it would probably break your teeth.   So don't do that.

Paired with a cracked taupe subway tile and a marble chevron for the shelf, I think we have ourselves a winner!  Next I need to figure out where we are actually going to buy the tub (any suggestions?)


You can see here a rough idea of where this is going.  The walls are going Battleship Gray by Behr, I'm dreaming of this chandelier thanks to my friends and we want loads of vintage art work.  Can you see my final attempt to go dark on the faucet?  Vetoed again.  Nickel it is!  Now we just need to get that carpet out of there, rip out the shower and tub and get this party started!