TV Art Wall + More Ideas to Steal!

TV Photo Collage + More Ideas to Steal! | House of Valentina.jpg

I feel like the most frequent topics of conversation I have related to design is: #1 What color should I paint my walls (which the current answer is always WHITE) and #2 Should I hang my tv over the fireplace. It’s not that I am adamantly opposed to a tv over the fireplace, but many of my clients share my opinion that sometimes it is a pain in the neck… literally. So what other options DO we have?

TV Art Wall + More Ideas to Steal! | House of Valentina

One option that I have been toying with myself is the tv art wall. It is inconspicuous, subtle, and clever… I think. What about you? Do you love it? Or do you prefer it over the fireplace?

But this home tour is just too stinkin’ good to only show you the tv. Anyone else want to poke their head around and check out the rest of the place? It’s packed with ideas you can steal, even if you aren’t living in a posh flat in Sweden.

Here’s what I love:

Did you find any new ideas or have one you would add?

Photos via Entrance Makleri