How Do We Truly Find Our Way Home?

"There's no place like home" or so the saying goes, but sometimes home can feel like an elusive place. Generations and thousands of years worth of great philosophers, deep thinkers, poets and even a vast number of angsting country music stars have tried to figure it out. No matter how much we try to define it, search for it, and create it, many times it feels like a mirage floating in the distance.

We know home isn't what we have but every magazine in the grocery aisle seems to defy that belief with 80 tips on getting the wall color right and tips on dumping the old for the new. It's no wonder we feel confused!

I love to create the visual side of my home. In fact, I dreamt of little else as a child and spent countless hours decorating my dollhouse... But as I have grown older and have moved 23 times in 18 years, I have learned in a whole new way that my home isn't about the stuff but the stories.

Home is about the people. And sometimes the stuff gets attached to them and the stories we share together but our homes can never be about the things.

Otherwise we risk spending our entire lives floating through an existence, unattached to a great story because we have disconnected from it.

So what is the cure? How do we truly find our way home?

We must stop and see the beauty all around us. If we embrace the glorious life happening around us, with all its crazy highs and endless bumps, we will find an anchor that will tie us to the people. Then, and only then, can we get to work creating a backdrop that suits that epic story that transcends boundaries, borders, and even lifetimes.