The Well Traveled Bedroom ... Where Stories Await

The Well Traveled Bedroom | Eric Piasecki | House of Valentina If you love to travel and you have a passion for finding a souvenir along the way, then this bedroom may just excite you the way it did me.  With books, paintings, worn leather, and a zebra rug, it has all the ingredients of a well traveled bedroom.

Rather than creating a "travel theme" this classic room has just the right amount of bohemian flare to make you want to stay, read a book by night, and scout flea markets in small towns by day.

A well traveled room invites guests to explore, conjures up curiosity, while also being comfortable and cozy.  A room like this has stories to tell.  And it's waiting for you to discover them and to create them...

The Well Traveled Bedroom | Eric Piasecki | House of Valentina

Photo credit: Eric Piasecki via: One Kings Lane


You don't have to leave home for every item in your well traveled room.  I Recommend:

The zebra print rug in brown or black makes a huge statement.  I also love this zebra bench!

Leather seating always conjures up a feeling of warmth, comfort and timelessness.

A carved Elephant Table adds a bit of humor and hand craft.

A soft cashmere blanket paired with a simple quilt and crisp sheets keeps the room feeling fresh.

Oil paintings always lend a traveled feel to the.  Portraits and travel themed work!