Top 10 Photography Tips For Listing Your Home on AirBnb


Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-29

Traveling has become more accessible these days with lower cost stays and the live-like-a-local lifestyle has never been more attainable through Air Bnb.  While, in the beginning, Air Bnb offered their own photographer, now that the company has grown so quickly in popularity, homeowners tend to take their own photos.

As regular Air bnbers (yes, I just made that a verb), we have combed through thousands of properties in cities all over the world and regularly run into homeowners who present their homes in a less than flattering ways (that's my way of politely saying that we've seen some pretty gross stuff out there.)

With these top 10 Photography Tips for Listing your home on AirBnb, we hope to help anyone struggling to really show off the true potential of their listing.

Dan, an executive producer, is a bachelor with a super hip flat near one of the most trendy and central areas of Copenhagen.  He was super kind to let allow me to photograph his place without any prep for photos so I could show you some of the key errors I see others making.

Be sure to watch the video to see how I transformed Dan's flat and see how a few simple tips can really make your listing on Air Bnb shine!

The Befores::

  Valentina Fussell Dan Befores-6

  Valentina Fussell Dan Befores-10

Valentina Fussell Dan Befores-11

Valentina Fussell Dan Befores-35

Valentina Fussell Dan Befores-37

Valentina Fussell Dan Befores-43

Valentina Fussell Dan Befores-44

The Afters::

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-2Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-18

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-4

 Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-10

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-11

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-21

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-24

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-25Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-29

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-35 Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-27

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-28

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-32

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-33

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-37

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-38

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-39

Valentina Fussell Air Bnb-40


To see Dan's home on Air Bnb and to stay at his place, visit his listing here.