Throw Pillow in Never Before Seen Parts of Our House!


House of Valentina | Throw Pillow

It's not just a pillow, it's a THROW pillow.  It's changing lives and proving that a dream and a whole lot of gumption can make a real difference.

Every now and then I meet someone who is so utterly compelling in his or her passion that it is simultaneously contagious and compelling.  If you haven't met Lauren Glass from THROW, you are seriously missing out and MUST remedy this injustice immediately.

Lauren isn't just a dreamer.  She's a doer.  And when she realized that thousands and thousands of kids just in the city of Atlanta alone were going to sleep at night  without a bed to lay in, she decided that she was the one to fix that problem.  With a paint brush and a dream, this girl got to work.  And I do mean work.

' I was taught something when I was very young and I will never forget it. God doesn't care if you are qualified, he only needs you to be willing. So, no excuses. Start now.'

With a lot of gumption and not so much sleep, Lauren is making a huge difference in the lives of kids in need.  For every 10 pillows sold, an entire bed and bedding ensemble gives a child sweet dreams.

And, as if that is not enough, THROW partnered with the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind. So, not only does each purchase help a child, it also passes through the hands of a group of dreamers just like you, who are defying the odds daily in the relentless pursuit of their passions.

'When you support THROW through your purchases,  not only are you giving a child a bed, but you are providing a job to the visual and hearing impaired.' 

With shops like West Elm grabbing up pillows, THROW is well on its way to making a huge impact.  And, of course, I wanted in!  So, Lauren and I met at my place and I  photographed my heart out in hopes that I might inspire some of you to make a purchase, share this post, get the word out, whatever it is that this amazing company compels you to do!

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-3

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-2

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-5

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-4

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-8

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-12

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-22

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-23

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-25

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-26

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-28

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-29

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-31

House of Valentina | Throw Pillow-32

If you love these adorable pillows and this passion as much as I do, visit THROW!  Would't one of these be so cute in your home, too?

All styling and photography: Valentina Fussell