This Is How They Do It In Europe


House of Valentina :: Before

"I guess you're doing some renovations?"  That's what the delivery guy asked me as he walked in carrying our new sofa.

My response?  "Nope.  This is how they do it in Europe."

For a brief second he actually believed me... until my sarcastic smile gave me away.  He swore, as have three other visitors to our disaster zone, that we could totally get away with telling people that.  No one, apparently, expects Valentina to do anything normal.  At first I thought it was kind of funny, but then after the second and third person said it, I started to worry.  Am I WEIRD??

BUT, more importantly, Can I really get away with almost anything and blame Europe?

Slap Paint on the wall in random swatches?  Europe.

Order gallons of dark, matte paint?  Europe.

Messy Hair and weird video proof?  Europe.

Distaste for blinds and as a result, possibly an exhibitionist?  Europe.

Sneakers with Dress Trousers (and the sudden use of the word Trousers instead of pants?) Europe.

Southern Drawl and a secret affection for a little bit of carpet under my toes?  Europe.  Oh.  Wait.  Nope.  That's all America, ya'll.

Well, I guess the whole lot is all me, too.  Remember when we talked about my descent into becoming a Strange Bird?  I guess it didn't really take nearly as long as I thought it would...  Not long at. all.

But, if you happen to want to hang around to watch the freak show, we have big plans for this space and I've got back up coming in tomorrow to help with the high to reach spaces... and to all of you who are dying to make a short girl joke... yes, I am in fact referring to all the walls that are over 12 feet.  I bet none of you could reach them either!  {smiles}