This Will Make You Rethink Your 2017 Colors

dark-dining-space-mix-of-vintage-chairs-lotta-agatons-home When I was a young girl in middle school I had a friend who always wore the weirdest clothes... And when I said weird, I mean, different.  REALLY different.  She looked like she had dropped from another planet!  She swore that her mom always flew to Paris and even a 12 year old can't argue with Paris.

Though I remember wondering if her mom really shopped the runways or if she just told her daughter that.  One of the other girls in our class told her that she didn't care what they were wearing in Paris.  It didn't look so hot in Marietta, GA... but you know what?  A lot of what she wore came into style a few years later.

As much as we want to hate European trends... and ourselves for following... most of us can't help but love to adapt a lot of their trends.  You can blame location, mindset, or the wine but Europe just seems to be a hotspot for design.

That is a very long winded way of telling you why I think the home of Lotta Agaton is a sign of future trends in the US.  (She is one of the most known and respected stylist in Europe.) Here is what I think her home is telling us to expect, not only in our own homes, but in new builds, and homes for sale:

Darker Wall Colors, Lighter floors, Brown toned greys rather than blues, and more modern kitchens even in areas that usually go more traditional.  I personally hope we will not only be more open to imperfections but to more life in our homes as well.

Take a peek and see if you like where this is going... Would you like to see more of these 2017 Colors?

all-grey-entryway-in-lotta-agatons-home coffee-table-styling-lotta-agatons-homedark-dining-space-mix-of-vintage-chairs-lotta-agatons-home dark-scandinavian-interior-lotta-agatons-place lotta-agatons-home-dark-scandinavian-style-living-room lotta-agatons-home-workspace

Homeowner and Stylist: Lotta Agaton Photographer: Pia Ullin via My Scandinavian Home

If you aren't sold on the dark colors, check out Lotta's home when it was all light!