This 440 Sq Ft Home Blows Convention


You are going to love this place. I feel it in my bones. It’s gonna make you make to paint your room GREIGE and your kitchen NAVY BLUE. The Swedes, my God, what is it with these people? As if being known for their tall gorgeous blonds wasn’t enough, they had to go and turn 440 Square Feet of Real Estate into a Rule Breaking alter to all things modern and cozy.

It literally defies all the rules of modernity. Pillows thrown haphazardly? Check.

Oh, yeah, and it’s got a messy bed.

And they painted the kitchen DARK even though it’s small.

The flowers are WILD and the Chairs are MODERN.

The Lighting is NEW and the Planters are OLD.

It breaks all the conventional rules and And it’s PURE GENIUS.


Photos via Entrance Makleri

Valentina Fussell2 Comments