The Undecorated Winter Home


Undecorated Winter Home :: House of Valentina

Not everyone likes to decorate for Christmas, a fact which makes many people like my Clark Griswold-like Mom shutter just at the thought.  (Even the hand towels and soaps changed in my home at Christmas when I was a kid!)  But in truth, a lot of people either don't celebrate Christmas or they just get tired of all the hype, the money, and the overwhelming decor.  I fell in love with this beautiful Loft home in Portland, which was converted from a 1930's Factory by Emerick Architects and filled with a blend of design classics, salvaged pieces, and vintage treasures.  I find his home to be calm, inviting, and a beautiful example of understated industrial elegance .

With the hearth at the very center of the home, it becomes the perfect backdrop to a cozy holiday party and by using a branch over the fireplace it brings a feeling of warmth and winter festivities without being directly related to a holiday.  Many Scandinavians do this in their homes and our years here have really enticed me to this kind of seasonal decor.  I have to admit that my kids would probably be upset with me if I didn't put up a Christmas tree and pull out their favorite decorations, but I'm definitely going to be adopting the Undecorated Winter Home idea into many parts of my home.

Take a peek around and see if an undecorating for winter is something that appeals to you.  I have included images from Spring and Winter for this home so you can see how easily a few winters flowers and branches help this super cool industrial loft transition from one season to the next.  (If this home was mine I would add a few more rugs, skins, and pinecones to take it a little further.  What about you?)

Undecorated Winter Home :: House of Valentina

Undecorated Winter Home :: House of Valentina

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Photos Via designrulz and Emerick Architects