The Post Worth Writing TWICE ('Cause it's that GOOD!)

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Deleted.  Gone.  I had just left my happy place behind to find myself utterly and completely deflated.

In a flash the post I had written about H&M's new collection had just... disappeared.  After crying actual tears and debating whether it was worth writing about... "would anyone read and care?", I debated, I decided yes.  You HAVE to know about this new collection!


Birds & Palms

How exotic!


SO, as I was saying over an hour ago... the new Eclectic Glam collection is SO AMAZING!! And I'm so certain you will love it so much that I'm going to start over and hit SAVE every 10 seconds!

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Create a Collection

Simple Blooms make a big impact when grouped!

I mean, just look at it!  It's full of birds, gold, and velvet!  After wiping off my tears, I am actually STILL excited about this collection because I have been waiting for the ART DECO trend to hit American soil and not only did H&M bring it, but the PRICES are soooo affordable!

Bird Candleholder.jpg

One Exotic Candle Can Make an entire Space


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Seasonal Pillows are in expensive way to Change up a space

Affordable glamor?  Are you as pumped about this as I am?  My biggest debate is which items to choose first!  What do you love from the collection?

Click on any of the photos to see more and purchase!  (Use the code 0040 to get free shipping!)

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