The Plot Thickens in the Bathroom...

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Two stores and the only brass I found was brazenly brass with a sheen so strong it reflects straight to your pores.  Not exactly what I had in mind.  Apparently Lowe's and Home Depot have not clued in to this trend. 

After hearing some of your feedback I was really starting to consider this leap into brass, but now I'm super skeptical.  I've been leaning more towards the top option that blends the two styles.

With indecision and design paralysis quickly setting in, we decided to do the most logical thing.

Obviously, stop thinking about brass and start debating the wall color instead.

Hailey originally wanted black but was worried it would make the room darker... and apparently she is adamantly opposed to my "Fifty Shades of Grey" (I'm convinced it's because I'm her mom and there's some deeper meaning lurking in there).  So I suggested white. But that was too stark for both of us.

So we landed at pale mint.  You saw that coming didn't you?  It was the only option we had left... besides pink... or the current yellow... both of which are a beast for makeup application.

Pale Blue.  Pale Powder by Farrow and Ball to be more exact.  (F&B make THE best paints!)

So, one decision down... and now it's back to the faucet.  whaaaah!  

What would you do?

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