The Nutmeg Dining Room and why Spice Is So Very, Very Nice


Nutmeg Dining Room :: House of Valentina I have a small confession to make.  Do any of you remember when, about 15 or so years ago, the Starbucks craze hit and it seemed like EVERYONE was painting their walls some shade of pumpkin or some color that involved a spice?  Maybe no one was doing it in Europe, but in our little slice of Suburbia, we were the ONLY ones not slathering on a coat or three.  And there is a small chance that I maaaay have even made a few jokes about the coffee shop rage that all of my friends were SO into.  I was above it... (ugh.  How did I ever have friends?  No one ever likes the judgey girl!)

Fast forward a decade or so... and let's imagine for a moment that we were hanging out together yesterday, surfing the net, and drinking cinnamon spiked almond lattes when we came across this Nutmeg Dining Room.  Helloooo, gorgeous!  "I'm obsessed!," You would have heard me say, "Obsessed!!!"  "It's so fresh, so now, so different..."  And then I would have sheepishly admitted that Nutmeg is just a nice way of naming a shade of pumpkin... or worse... BEIGE.  (Shriek!  Gasp!  Faint!)

So, what makes it so different?!  Why does this shade of wintery goodness feel like a deep drink of a chai latte or a bite of a warm snickerdoodle?  I am convinced that it is the pieces paired with the wall color that make it is so striking... and, dare I say, Brilliant?  The modern lighting, furniture, and stacks of books and the plant make it really stand out and, as an American, I personally love seeing our traditional colors in a Swedish home that would typically have white walls.

What do you think?  Isn't it just the room to cozy into during the cold winter months?

I can definitely imagine candlelight dinners, friends dressed in heels, and relaxed conversations to while away the long and dark days of winter...

Nutmeg Dining Room :: House of Valentina

Nutmeg Dining Room :: House of Valentina

Nutmeg Dining Room :: House of ValentinaNutmeg Dining Room :: House of Valentina


To get the look try using a modern table, like the Hay Loop Table, Authentic Wishbone chairs (or these that are similar in style), Arne Jacobsen 7 series chairs, Artful books, a handmade Bowl, Wood Cartand a modern chandelier.


For these photos and to see more of this lovely home, visit Alvhem.