The Christmas Lights Will Guide You Home... Like a Runway

I hope none of you are a mass murderer because I'm about to tell you exactly how to find my house.  Leave Atlanta heading north and following the Clark Griswold style glow... at first it will appear as a small honing beacon in the distance but the closer you get to Alpharetta, the easier it will become to find us.  

Turn the corner and you will wonder, "Who on earth put up the runway?!"  Oh, wait.  That's me.  

Well, it was my husband and kids over the weekend.  Let's just all assume that this is the beginning... the darkness of fall has set in and the cheer of the holidays is fast approaching (or if you are my family... it has arrived!)  

I hear a lot of people say that they hate the darkness around this time of year, but boy oh boy, do I ever love it.  Darkness is a gift.  It helps us appreciate the light.  Here's a little inspiration that I hope will leave you aching for darkness... and a little light, too!

Valentina Fussell1 Comment