The Apartment Shared Bedroom



When you cram a family into a small temporary apartment, having a shared bedroom is a necessity.  

We lucked out in two ways.  First, our boys still like sharing a bedroom, so our teen girl got her own bedroom.  Second, that the kids' beds that were handmade in Morocco fit perfectly in the room.  My husband tried to convince me to leave them behind in Copenhagen and I am so glad that we brought them.  They were too long to fit into the boys' bedroom in the last house and he wasn't sure if they would fit somewhere else... but thankfully I get to gloat a little and, more importantly, enjoy them with the boys.  I think the boys are happy because they no longer have to sleep on the floor!

Storage is paramount in a shared bedroom and using every inch of the room is vital for every day life.

We stored a lot underneath the beds, including a vintage suitcase that is full of toys.  We also added a dresser to the inside of the closet and a bookcase.  It was a tight squeeze, but everything fit.  Whew! We "undecorated" the space and have yet to find the right art piece for over one of the beds.  That's part of the joy of letting your rooms evolve with time rather than decorating them in a day!  

Take a peek around.  We hope you will find a little inspiration for your own home!








Styling and Photography:: Valentina Fussell