The $5 DIY Mood Board | Beauty on a Budget

$5 DIY Mood Board | House of Valentina If you think all beautiful things cost a lot, forget it, 'Cause I'm about to make a liar out of you.  (Respectfully, of course!)

Start by buying a wood board for $5 at the hardware store and paint it with whatever color you want the background to be.  (I had some black paint on hand but spray paint, acrylic, whatever you've got will work!)

Next, gather up your favorite magazine tears sheets, old photos, new photos, fabric scraps, paint swatches... basically anything that will get your mood going right for the week or even for an upcoming project!  If you want to splash out and buy two boards, you can double the impact with almost no extra money or effort!

Here is a little video to show you the board before!