Taupe is Dope


Just when the Gray was drying...

Just as that final coat of grey dries, someone starts saying beige is back.  What?  Now we are on to taupe?  The nerve of some people!  I'm really starting to wonder if this girl is just making this stuff up!

It's tough keeping up with the trends... so why not forget about them?  Taupe is coming back in a big way, but you shouldn't include it unless it really makes your heart skip a beat.  Your home isn't about trends, but about you.  What colors make you feel most at home?

The warmth that taupe provides is very soothing and comforting.  I you want to feel ENERGIZED when you walk in your door... this may not be the best color for you.

But if you want that inviting texture of earthy wheat and grainy wood, get on the bandwagon because we are going for a ride!