A $15 Sunroom Makeover :: The First Thing You Do When You Land In The USA


Sunroom Makeover Before| House of Valentina While the typical first order of business when one lands in the US after selling two thirds of one's possessions, saying farewells to one's home and squeezing a family of five's life down to 10 suitcases to live out of for the unforeseeable future, is hugging the necks of loved ones, eating favorite foods, and RELAXING.  But I've never claimed to be typical.  In fact, I can't remember anyone ever calling me that... hm.  I never thought of that until just now. (awkward silence...throat clears.)

Instead, while sitting at the breakfast table watching the kids devour a combination of pink donuts with sprinkles and a side of bacon, and catching up with my parents, I suddenly had a vision for what might be a better arrangement for my mom's sunroom.  Not wanting to alert my Dad to impending changes that he was likely to be cranky about (based on the assumption that my mom would go on a shopping spree to fund this new brainchild), I patiently waited until the afternoon to mention to her my idea.  By then the entire scheme had gone from a flickering flame to an insatiable and raging inferno.

My mom, immediately sensing my need to create to heal, relinquished control of her room and let me have at it.  Luckily, I had some amazing pieces to work with because my mom has great style and loves to collect beautiful things from around the world, but my favorite pieces are, without a doubt, my grandmother's chairs and ottoman.  I remember climbing up into her lap as she sat in her chair when I was a little girl and snuggling with her while she drank her strong black coffee.  I loved the sound of her laughter, the smell of her perfume and looking up into her big brown eyes that sparkled with love and adoration.

I wanted to create a room that my Yiyia would have been delighted to sit in, that my family would enjoy, and, for my Dad's sake, not cost more than a few bucks.

I can't wait to share more with you how we transformed this space with a mere $15!  For now, here are the Sunroom Before Pictures:

Sunroom Makeover Before| House of Valentina Sunroom Makeover Before| House of Valentina


If you love a damask chair the way I do, these would be great option, too!

My mom's French chandelier definitely gives wow factor.  These would make a huge impact, too!

Every garden/sunroom needs a beautiful bird lamp!