The Suburban Reform :: We're Moving In!


House of Valentina Suburban Reform

Life has a way of surprising you.  It rarely goes according to plan.  It has a way of sending you places you never imagined you would go... if you are willing to let it. Six months ago we gave up our brownstone style townhouse in the middle of bustling Copenhagen for suburbia.  We've found ourselves smack dab in the middle- right between the city and the country... the one place that countless movies poke fun at and magazines seem to gloss over... as if nothing worth talking about ever happens in the suburbs.

Did you know that more than 53% of the American population lives in the Suburbs?

About 25% lives in the city and even less live in the country.  So, what's the deal?  Why are the suburbs ignored?  It must be years of outcry against urban sprawl, cookie cutter style homes, etc, etc...  But the internet has changed a lot of that.  With more and more people working from home, sub cities are growing faster than ever.

It's time the story changes.  You know why?  The suburbs are awesome.

There are sidewalks and soccer fields, community and great schools.  There's fresh air and room to roam.  The summers bring hours by the pool and winters are spent at community theatre productions and visits to main street.

Are we flipping a craftsman or a historical victorian?  No, but our stories in the middle are tomorrow's history and I think it's time the middle gets a word.  Don't you?

And just to show how much we believe in it... we're moving in!     

We've got two weeks until our closing date, so if everything goes according to plan, this will soon be our Suburban Reform... A place to bring the best of the city and the country together... right in the middle.