Stop. THE. CAR. at The Urban Farmhouse


Do you ever drive past a place and swear you will stop next time?  And then don't for the next 80 drive-by's?  Well, stop it.  Seriously.  Stop the car, get out, and visit Urban Farmhouse in Alpharetta TODAY.  The parking is behind the building and now that you know this, you have no excuse for not visiting this completely GORGEOUS shop.

It's the kind of place that you will find yourself having difficulty focusing because you have the immediate and overwhelming sensation to BUY. IT. ALL.

Whether you need a distressed wood table, or a bedside table (the one below has my name written all over it.  ok, it's not actually written on it, but I thought about putting it on there!) this shop will bring you everything you need to satisfy your farmhouse dreams.

My favorite cannot-live-without-it item is definitely the sweet tea products.  Lotion, candles, hand soap.  You wouldn't believe how charming this southern fragrance is!

But then there is the linen... and the silver... and the art work... and the metal baskets.  HYPERVENTILATING again.

I managed to only leave with a vase for the new bathroom, but I need to go back.

Alright, I'm taking volunteers to meet me at the Urban Farmhouse!

All photos shot with iPhone by Valentina Fussell.