Making over the Stinkiest Place in Copenhagen + Mood Board


Valentina Fussell Copenhagen Project-001 Obviously, the first thing you do when you realize you are leaving town, is take on one of the biggest renovation/interior design projects you have ever done and hope that it is finished before you leave, right?  It's the logical first step... if you are a little crazy like me, but when Carolina and Cory approached me to help them take their first purchased home from dive to divine... well, naturally, I couldn't say no.

My youngest visited their home with us the first time and I'm still having a laugh over how he summed up Carolina & Cory's place... "It's the stinkiest place I have ever been and there wasn't even one chair."  If that isn't the perfect place to start, I don't know what else is!

This is just the beginning of the project and work has already commenced, beginning with stripping the walls... and pretty much everything else, but I see that Carolina & Cory are not the only ones who invested in this place.  Someone had to smoke A LOT to get the walls that yellow... where an outline of the artwork remains even when the pictures are gone.  I sure am glad my Coke Zero addiction doesn't leave behind near so much evidence!

Luckily, this new home is located in a very trendy part of Copenhagen, gets tons of light in the larger room and even has a small balcony overlooking a beautiful common green space.  While this place was overlooked by many because it needs such an overhaul, there is some serious potential in this space and it is going to be AMAZING when we finish!! It's not a huge space, and Carolina & Cory need it to be a highly multi-functioning space, but I know we can do it!

Here are some more before shots (Be glad they haven't invented "smellavision" yet!  & Don't forget to keep scrolling to see the Mood Board! Valentina Fussell Copenhagen Project2-2 Valentina Fussell Copenhagen Project-4 Valentina Fussell Copenhagen Project-5 Valentina Fussell Copenhagen Project-6 Valentina Fussell Copenhagen Project2



Caroline & Corey want a space that is neutral, natural, and a little bohemian.  We started with black, shades of grey (no whips included, sorry.), and a bit of wanderlust...  Carolina is a photographer (her work is BEAUTIFUL!), so there needs to be plenty of space for inspiration and her work.

Copenhagen Project Mood Board -- House of Valentina-2 Copenhagen Project Mood Board -- House of Valentina-2 Copenhagen Project Mood Board -- House of Valentina-4 Copenhagen Project Mood Board -- House of Valentina-2