Mid Century Modern Is Making a Comeback?



When several people excitedly e-mail me links to the Gaines' latest remodel, something must be up.  You'd either be living under a rock or outside the US to avoid hearing about the growing empire of the shiplap obsessed, Farmhouse Chic movement being led by Chip and Joanna Gaines who flip houses for their tv show, Fixer Upper.  They now have a magazine, a Farmhouse Chic Mecca, and, for anyone getting tired of hearing about shiplap, this new remodel... a Mid century modern with concrete walls and design that looks like Joanna has had her nose in a few Scandinavian magazines... either that or she has been to West Elm.  A lot.

Clean lines, industrial lighting, and plants galore?  I feel like I'm back in Denmark! So Mid Century Modern Is Making a Comeback?  You betcha!  And not just because the Gaines said so (though it doesn't hurt!)  Properties have been flying off the market here in the Northern suburbs where Mid Century reigned for years.  Indian Hills is one of THE MOST desirable areas to own in.  Located in Marietta, and one of the original Country Clubs of Atlanta, is seeing a huge surge in buyers grabbing up mid century properties.

Since one of my favorite listings is in that neighborhood, I've spent a lot of time over there these last few weeks and I'm kind of kicking myself for not buying one.  (Anyone want to buy one and I will help you design it?)  :-)

 Here are a few things I think the Gaines got right:

Floating shelves keep the lines simple.


White Dinnerware keeps the colors simple


Terra-cotta pots + Wood Bowls Are simple accessories.


Little touches of gold up the glam, though these reclaimed wood stools would be great too!


Stacks of wood bring warmth


Leather Sofas Keep the Space soft and Inviting


Mid Century Modern Planters + Greenery add life throughout a home


Lots of cement really makes a statement.


Leather Chairs + Gold Modern Lighting is the rage!


A cozy Leather Armchair + Wood side tables bring a rustic vibe


Hanging Pendants + Modern Bed + Mid Century Side Tables?  Oh, yeah.


Cactus Artwork + Cool hanging plant holder + those leather chairs!


Modern Lighting for the bathroom, Black Mirrors, and gold fixtures.  All super cool!


The outside matches the inside!


Did you see anything you liked for you own home?  Would you love to live in a Mid Century Modern House?

All photos via HGTV